Tuesday, August 11, 2009

LAMC Blog Milestone!

We've made it to 200 Posts!!!

Well technically this is 201, but who's counting right? I just want to thank EVERYONE who takes the time out to stop by this blog. It means a lot that people actually support what I'm doing AND that you actually like what you see!

I think I have to do something awesome to celebrate this milestone. I'm thinking giveaway. I'm thinking huge, massive, ridiculously incredible giveaway! What do you think? Do you like free stuff? I know I do.

More details on this later as I come up with plan, Stan.

Anyway, back to 200 posts. I'd like to celebrate this joyous occasion by looking back at some of my favorite posts. Will you come down memory lane with me? Yes? Ok thanks. No? Take your ball and go home then! :P ppppbbbtthhhh!

Yes I am a spaz. Nice of you to notice :)

and last but not least, my very first post. AWW. (you'll get to see a picture of me if you click it hehehe.)


I'm off to do laundry and whip my hair into shape. YAY! (not really)

2 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

Loved seeing all these posts and a face to the words that I read. Congrats on 200 posts! I think the rest of the day I will be saying "the opposum fled the scene" to myself in my head :) Have an awesome afternoon Mellz!

sarahe said...

loved the plea from my waistline post especially! i must admit--i am that person who brings the baked goods!