Friday, September 5, 2008

TGIF: Count Dooku's demise

I have this bear that my friend Nick gave to me about 3 Halloween's ago. He dressed up as a claw game and I LOVED it! He was dressed in a black body suit with little stuffed animals attached all over himself. Then he had the famous claw attached to his head. It was one of the most original costumes I've seen and I had to have a stuffed animal off of it! He gave me a little blue bear and named him Count Dooku...He's now gone blind thanks to a little boston terrorist whose name shall not be mentioned...

This morning while I was on the computer I heard that certain boston terrorist rustling around. It was the familiar sound that all dog mommies and daddies know...the sound that they are in to something that they shouldn't be. I go to check on her and I see her with Count Dooku's face in her mouth...

She knows not to play with him. He is not one of her toys...but it was too much to resist I guess. The little bastard ate his little eyes off. (Thank God she didn't swallow them because they were plastic. She just chewed them off and left them on the bed. I guess she is kind of a good dog, lol.) Now he is blind. I intend on making her be his seeing eye dog...helping him make it through a dark and lonely world as a stuffie with no eyes...

The evidence:

BEFORE: (I crudely 'shopped him some eyes so you can see the difference)


The Jedi would be happy...that dark spot you see in the after pic is actually a hole not partial eye matter. She didn't even leave him partial stuffie vision, the turd!

(note the slick hairdo he has going on...she likes to lick her stuffies to death and they end up with all kinds of crazy emo hair like this)

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