Saturday, July 5, 2008

An Introduction of Sorts...

So I'm starting a blog. After seeing all the entertaining blogs with amazing pictures I decided to give it a go. I'm off on the right foot but of course it will have to evolve. I really am on a mission to find out who I age 26 maybe I should know by know but really it's all a blur. More on that later though...

Now who or what is an mkim you might ask...well and mkim is me...actually a combination of my first and last names.

M = M _ _ _ _ Y _

Kim = K_ _ _ _ O _ _ _

(I'll give something shiny to anyone who might be able to guess it, lol. And those of you who know me cannot play because I only have so many shiny things to go around and you have an unfair advantage. Sorry Charlies.)

Anywho, back to Mkim. It's a nickname I suppose...a moniker if you will. No one really calls me it, but I like it so I stick with it. Maybe it will catch on. It's pronounced Em (as in Eminem...or M&M if you like) - Kim (as in Kimberly...and please don't call me Kim for some reason people want to call me Kim and it's weird and it scares me.)

List of approved names to address me by:


List of banned names that will get you thrashed:


OK now to tell you little more about me:

Age: didn't you read above? (26 for those who skim dammit)

Sign: Virgo (perfectionist, highly critical, analytical, observant, creative....just a few of the traits I possess. It really sucks being a Virgo most of the time. Why couldn't I have been a Sagittarius!?)

Status: Currently owned by a semi-hippieish white boy who likes dirt, a spoiled yet disciplined Boston Terrorist , and a formerly neglected rabbit who maintains his DIVO status properly

Location: where I don't want to be but feel comfortable and moving makes me feel uncomfortable so I stuff the pain of living in this house and city down deep inside...

Occupation: Wrangler; yes this is my actual job title. I don't know whether to laugh or be depressed about that...but I work at a doggie daycare. It's a fun job but you'd be amazed at how many problems I have with the people and NOT the dogs. I've learned a lot about people working at this job...the main thing being: people tend to have more behavioral problems than dogs :)


Color: right now, Olive green...I want a living room or bedroom with olive green walls and orange, gold, & chocolate accents *drool*

Food: God I love french fries...and dairy products (esp. CHEESE). Italian, Ethiopian, and Southern Cusines are my faves. I really like junk food and it's a habit I'm trying to moderate...unsucessfully :D

TV Shows: Absoultely Fabulous (those brits and their wit!), It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Danny Devito you rock!), South Park, How it's Made (my inner science geek is pushing up it's glasses right now), Law & Order: SVU/CI, Reality TV -- (yes it's dumb, yes it's probably rotting my brain but who cares! I like seeing people argue, scheme, eat disgusting things, make out and bitch slap each other!)...I really like the food network, discovery channel, and the travel channel. I'd also totally make out with Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations).

Movies: Revenge of the Nerds (We've got bush!) and A Christmas Story (Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie! *sobs*) are my favorite movies of all time.

Hobbies: Digiscrap/Graphic Design, Painting (acrylic on canvas), Interior Design, and making as many references to POOP as I can in one day. Poop humor is just funny, face it. I'm a creative being and when I don't create, I get grumpy. You wouldn't like me when I'm grumpy.

I guess that's that in a walnut shell...hopefully this blog will help me find myself and entertain the readers in the process. Oh yeah, I said more about finding myself later didn't I?? Well you'll just have to keep reading won't you? *maniacal laughter followed by a thorough smoker's cough*

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