Saturday, July 5, 2008

Doggie Love: Pampered Puppy Indeed.

I entered Licky Lou (aka Bebe) into pampered puppy's monthly photo contest and she took 7th place for June! I'm so excited. Out of 900 submitted photos my little beaner was picked. Her daddy-o keeps telling her "You're cuter than 893 dogs!" Another fellow WOOFer's boston terrier, da Gooch, won 5th place too. BT world domination is taking over *muuuhahahahhaaha!*

Here's the winning photo taken by yours truly:

7th Place Winner
Prize: $30 Gift Certificate
Courtesy of: Metropaws

Mom: Mkim, TN

Bebe's Mom says: “This is Beatrix Kiddo aka Bebe, a 23 month old Boston Terrier! She is a rescue and she has been the best addition to our family. Her favorite things include hogging the bed, eating apples & bananas, playing with her squeaky toys, doing front rolls, wiggling her butt, and doing the BT 500 (short bursts of running as fast as she can, weaving, dodging, and circling everything in sight while maintaining a crazed look in her eyes). She is the best dog anyone could ask for!”

You can see the other winners here. Check out that Metropaws link's a site that sells tutus, barettes, bows and lingerie for dogs *chuckles* While the thought of Bebe in a tutu brings joy to my chortles, I really want something she can wear regularly so I think I'll be going with this, this, or this once our gift certificate arrives!

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