Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've wanted a DSLR camera for a while now. I just couldn't justify the price so it's kind of been one of those things that sits on my "want" list but never really gets considered. Let's face it...I'm tight with my money and have guilt issues with making large purchases! I don't know how I got this way but I can spend a lot of money on hair products without blinking (I guess because I see great hair as a need), but the thought of buying a $500+ camera makes me feel GUILTY! (Any shrinks out there care to take a crack??) But then I realized....I went from having $6000+ dollars in credit card debt in 2006 to having $0 debt in 2008. I sacrificed A LOT to get that debt off. I went without A LOT for the 2 years that it took to pay it off. Basically for reasons beyond my control I had to live off of my credit cards only (i.e NO income) for a while, so even then a lot of that debt was food & basic necessities...So now that I'm debt free, I think I deserve some shiny things to play with, you know? I'll probably never be 100% OK with paying so much for certain things but I'm on my way...

I bought a $400 vacuum cleaner because for years I've gone with $20 stick vacs that absolutely SUCK...(er don't suck was actually the problem.) They just didn't work and I wanted a good vacuum. Now I have my baby:

She cleans like nobody's business and she looks chic too ;) Now I know I could have gotten a decent one for under $400 but this was a chance for me to get something that had stellar reviews and looked super cute. So I went for it and I'm so happy with it :D But I digress, the whole point of bringing up the vacuum is that A) I deserve nice things damnit! and B) Right after I bought that vacuum, a fellower WOOFEr came a long and broke my heart. She was offering her DSLR (Canon Rebel Xti) for only $500 bucks (with the warranty and free shipping *gasp*) I had been wanting that camera for EVAR! But I couldn't justify buying it right after dropping $400 on the vacuum...So I passed and now I'm glad I did because I think I'm ditching wanting a Rebel for a Nikon I've always been a Canon fan but after reading what Ken had to say and doing a little research of my own, I know think the D40 will be the best fit for me and it's cheaper than the Canon to boot.

Look at this hunk of burning photoluv


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