Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ahhhh the joys of PMS

Is it too crass to talk about your period to people who know you and complete strangers...on the INTERNET!!?? *ponders* Well if you don't like that kind of talk tune out for the next few sentences or so...So yesterday it work. YAY!!!! (not) If you didn't know already, I work with dogs...which means lots of movement and when you have a stream of life juice shooting out every few minutes, it makes for wonderfully crazy sensations and running to the mirror every few seconds making sure I don't have a big reddish splotch on the back of my pants...(tangent: I went to a skating birthday party when I was like 12...i was on my period and i didn't realize I had leaked blood onto my white wash overalls. The stain was huge! No one told me and I'm just skating around thinking I'm cute. Oh the humanity! Me: surviving traumatizing situations since 1981, yo!)

But the point of sharing all this is, it's GREAT when the dogs start sniffing your crotch because they realize what's going on *ahem* down there...The worst was a boss's bloodhound to be exact. Isn't it ironic LOL...She sniffed my crotch thoroughly and left nice slobber stains on the front of my pants. So not only am I'm not feeling so great but then it looked like I had wet myself. Thankfully everyone walks around with stains and slobber spots. It's a dirty job but I love it.

Anyway, enough about that. It's the weekend! YAY! I drank way too much last night...well by my standards anyway. I have cut down on drinking a lot so having 3 Bacardi Silver Mojitos and 1 Miller Chill had me feeling a little loose last night (not that kind of loose you nasties)...Miller Chill (which is a Chelada style light beer inspired by a Mexican recipe w/ lime and salt) is really good. It goes great w/ chimichangas and taquitos :D I usually don't drink anything by Miller but their advertising got me. The lime and the salt did me in. This morning I'm feeling a little headache but nothing major. Is it wrong to want a Miller Chill right now?? It's 1:35 and I have no excuse like "watching the game" or "bbqing w/ friends" to drink one. But fuck's the WEEKEND and I know my boss is probably kicking back a bud light right now :D

I don't have big plans this weekend...probably some cleaning, playing with Bebe, doing my hair maybe...I might even buy my camera this weekend. Lord help me that's going to be a 2 hour mental debate about why I should or shouldn't....sometimes I wish I could just indulge...but indulgence has cost me a lot over the years so I'm a little leary...dennis style.

I might also order...

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