Saturday, January 17, 2009

Go shawty, it's ya BERFDAY!

Last night me and the boy went to Cafe Ole to celebrate a joyous occasion! Amanda turned 24! whoop whoop! We ate good food, drank GREAT margaritas and laughed A LOT. What's that you say? You need photographic evidence to prove that we had mucho fun? Done!

The reason people go to Cafe margaritas in the city!

"Who doesn't like margaritas??"


FIERCE metalllllll!

omg omg omg, best.pic.evar! (yes evar!)

fin. literally.

As if that weren't enough, We headed on over to Muddy's for MORE sugar!! YAY!! Just what we needed to keep the party going, right?

The Classic and Strawberry Fields Forever aka YUM!

One of our clients owns the place and this is her dog who comes to daycare.
We LOVE Finny!

cupcakes make people smile obviously!

scared of the goodness?

the boy loves cupcakes.

sharing is caring

happy faces

One of my resolutions hopes for the new year was to spend more time focusing on the cool kids (ad less time focusing on the asshats) and I am off to a good start. I had so much fun being around silly-fun people last night! After we had cupcakes me and the boy went over to our friend Luke's house and got our mellow on. I'd say this is the most action I've seen in a while, lol. I'm dead tired today but it was well worth it. For the first time in a while I really felt alive. I felt truly happy to be around people who were so accepting and welcoming and just willing to be crazy with me. So to Amy, Amanda, Jeff, Ken, Kristen, Akasha, Luke, and the boy...thanks.

and p.s. never let ANYONE sit on your hair!!! and if you're gonna tempt me, tempt me RIGHT! AND I see drunk people always and forever!

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