Saturday, December 13, 2008

O Christmas Tree, babe.

(read the title of this post in an Emril Legasee voice and it'll make sense, lol)

I love Christmas time. Everything is shiny and everyone's happy. But nothing makes me happier than a Christmas tree. I love the way it smells and I love buying shiny thins to put on it. (Did I mention I love shiny things!? lol) This year our colors for the tree are red, gold, and green. The boy lovingly refers to it as our rasta tree. Ya mon.

Well enough of my yapping, sere's Bertha! (yes our tree's name is Bertha cause she's a biggen. 7-8ft tall and she very wide. She makes last years tree look a little anorexic...)

We got her from Whole Foods. She's a Fraser Fir from North Carolina!

The boy wanted to lay it down and put the stand on first. I didn't agree. Who knew you could argue over how to put a tree stand on!? hee.

I guess he was right, blah.

The boy putting the lights on the tree.

Voila! Through the magic of skipping the monotonous decorating pics, the tree is done!

All lit up...all together now, *oohhh...ahhhhh*

close up. once more, *oooohhh...ahhhh*

I made the tree topper. A loverly golden bow with cascading tails. In the words of Gollum, wicked! tricksy! false! It's harder than the internet makes it seem to make a tree topping bow!

From Jill (aka Crebit's mom on WOOF!), a loverly Boston Terrier ornament!

Here is my pretend mantle. We don't have a fireplace, so I cleared all our DVDs off of the top of our entertainment center and made it our makeshift mantle. Me likey! Oh and that's REAL garland. One of the branches off of our tree snapped so I cut it up and made the garland. Eat that Martha Stewart!

I must share a funny story about our tree. Once we got it up and decorated, we started opening the blinds at night so it could be seen from the street. One night the boy went out to smoke a ciggy (bad boy, bad!) and our landlord (who lives next door) and her friend were singing O Christmas Tree to our window, LOL! They'd had one too many glasses of merlot and we got a great Christmas memory out of it...

Another goody...A while ago we noticed that the glass jar that surrounds our front porch light had been taken off. We didn't know why but we just chalked it up to our landlord doing something. Come to find out, it was taken off by our landlord's friend because it was "fucking with her illumination"...the Japanese Maple outside in our front yard has Christmas lights on it and I guess our front porch light was drowning out the lights on the our landlord's friend turned it off (by untwisting the bulb) so she could enjoy the lights on the tree. Please forgive us, oh gods of Christmas, for fucking with someone's illumination! We knew not what we did by leaving the porch light on! (Now we leave the porch light off *giggle*)

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