Sunday, October 12, 2008

I love playing tag...

I've been tagged and I have to list 7 random/weird facts about myself and then tag 7 other bloggers to do the pressure, right? I think I'll skip tagging people for now. Rules are made to be broken, no?? ;)

1.) I am stretching my earlobes right now.

Some people may consider this to be weird, but I am in love with the look of stretched lobes. The standard ear piercing is usually an 18 or 20 gauge hole. (the gauge means the size of the actual post that goes through your ear). When people stretch their earlobes (or "gauging" as it's often called) they are simply making the hole larger. Here's a handy dandy chart to help you visualize:

These are called tapers, this is what you use to stretch your ears...

I have stretched my ears from 18 to 16 and then 16 to a size 12 where I am at currently.

my ear w/ 12g labret jewelry in.

my ear w/o can see the hole is bigger than the standard 18g hole next to it

I should not have skipped 14g, but I am's always advised to never skip sizes as you could damage your hole (ha! I said damage your hole!) But it's true, you could cause rips and tears which will make scar tissue and it's just not what you want to do. Scar tissue makes stretching more difficult. It could also cause a blow-out...which is where your hole flips itself inside out and then you'll have a miniature ass hole on your ear for life. Not cool. The basic process is get your taper & new jewelry, make sure your hands, taper, and jewelry are sanitized, lube up your ear, gently slide the lubed taper through and then slide your new jewelry right through behind it. You should feel pressure and slight pain, but if it really hurts and you have lots of bleeding, you've stretched too fast. bummer. But if you have minimal to no bleeding and pain, you've probably done it right. After that keep your ear clean (I like to use castille soap w/ tea tree oil in it) and once it's healed massage your holes with oil *giggle* and take out your jewelry every now and then to let your hole breath (I'm really trying to be mature here! lol) I like to wait 1-2 months before stretching to the next size. Stretching too quickly will only lead to problems...and when it doubt, see a professional. They can and will stretch your lobes for you. I'm doing it myself because I've had experience w/ it in the past and I feel like if I go slow and I'm careful it will be ok.

Anyway, I'm thinking about stretching to size 8 or 6 and then I'll be done...I'm not sure yet...I'm kind of going to see how I like 8 and then decide.

One this is for sure I'll never go this big, once you go this big the chances of your lobe going back to normal are pretty much gone:

hey I can see your tattoo through your ear hole! dude you're so rad ;)

2) I LOVE sardines!

Do I really need to say more?? Usually at my grocery store they are 10 for $10 and I eat them with saltines. YUMMY, fish breath!

3)I am a perfectionist (randomly) with a tinge of OCD.

I don't have to wash my hands over and over or stay up until 4 am straightening the fringe on my rug, however I do get a little OCD now and then. For example, with our cleaning products. They have to be arranged a certain way. I like them to line up perfectly and they have to be in order. I want bottles that look similar to be next to each other. I'm the same way with toiletries, shampoo/conditioner, etc. It's really strange. I have always like for things to be linear and even...

4) I chew gum well passed the loss of flavor.

You know how most people only chew gum until it loses it's flavor? Not me. I will chew the same piece of gum all day long until it starts to disintegrate,literally. I don't chew gum for the flavor, I chew it for the action. I like the way it feels to chew continuously (is that freaky?)...

5) I'm obsessed with gorgeous little fun things.

Something about things w/ vivid color, a whimsical vintage feel, & lots of prints and patterns really do it for me. I sometimes spend hours and hours looking at stuff like this.

Michelle Romo

Amy Chin

Three Potato Four

Petite Collage

6) I love the internet.

Seriously. If I could sit on the computer all day long I would. Honestly, I'm not even on here that much because I don't want it to become another one of my addictions...again...but I really really really really loooooove being on the web. It's so much more fun than real life at times. (Am I lame for that?)

7) I want a big tattoo before I die.

I have 6 tattoos so far and I want to get a 3/4 sleeve done sometime. I love how it looks and I would love to get a meaningful collage of things on my arm...but I have a bit more living to do before I can decide on what I want because something that covers that large of an area needs to be a piece I can live with for life...I'd hate to rush into it and regret I do w/ a few of my other tatts.

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