Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doggie Love: Halloween costumes and other ramblings

As Halloween swiftly approaches I haven't thought about what *I* want to be but you better believe Bebe's costume has been drawn out and methodically planned & it's going to be fabulous. I can't tell you what it is yet (because certain people want to know but I want it to be a surprise)but just know it's fabulously awesome. It is almost complete but I have a few more things to work out. It's something I've worked very hard on since the beginning of October and last night I think I almost went insane. Have you ever seen the 80's movie "Real Genius" w/ Val Kilmer and some teenage boy that looks A LOT like Sarah Jessica Parker?? There's a scene in it where all the kids who attend this college are studying for final exams and this one Asian kid stands up from the table and starts screaming like a lunatic as he leaves the room. (It's kind of like "AHH!" *crazy face & pause* "AHHHHH!" *more crazy faces & pause* wash, rinse, and repeat) Everyone around him looks up from their books and notes at him...but they aren't shocked in their expression. They just look at him like "oh he's cracked" and then once he's gone from the room, they all just go back to studying. (one of the best scenes from a movie ever btw)

That's what happened to me last night. I was working away on a specific part of her costume that's giving me a bit of trouble and that's when the headache started. I started feeling annoyed, frustrated, and deranged. Having the boy snoring next to me didn't help either as he was supposed to be helping me. I really wanted to say buggery bollocks (as my beloved Edina would) and give up but the boy woke up & told me to stop stressing and he helped me think of a few solutions. (see girls, men do come in handy sometimes! yay! now if he could only learn to clean up after himself and stop farting so much we'd be in business)

Once her costume is done I will be entering her in a few online costume contests that I better win DAMNIT! See I'm not going to be all PC and say it's just fun to enter and be a part of the whole thing. NO! We want the prize, the accolades, the glory! We want it all because winning feels gooooooooooood...;) and yes I'm totally seri(al)ous.

But anyway, enough about that. Let's talk about my weekened.

Yesterday, I went to Michael's to gather more things for Bebe's costume. I also found some really cute christmas ornaments for $1 (pics to be posted later). When we got home I foraged for acorns in the yard. I am starting an acorn collection. I love Fall and I need some acorns to be apart of my Fall decorations. I need pine cones too. I think today I'll walk around and try to find some of both. It's a pretty day and I could use the fresh air.

They cut down a ton of bamboo down the street and I may try and get some of that too. (Although I can only imagine what on-looking cars will think of a little short girl walking down the street with 20 ft bamboo in her arms) You can make so many things out of bamboo so I really can't believe they just left a huge pile of it to be destroyed. I really want to make a bamboo wind chime for next I'm so crafty lately. I've always been artistic but I'm really into DIY crafts right now. It makes me feel alive...but it seems like I'm starting things and I don't finish because I work full-time. I think my goal for the week is to finish some of the unfinished crafts and artwork around here...and there's lots of that around here. I'll share them when I do.

I'll close this blog with a video of Bebe and the shredder...She's got of long lists of things that she's unsure of. guitars, bubble wrap, unattached door knobs, balloons...we'll recently we found out that she is also unsure of the shredder. My god this dog makes me laugh so hard, all the time.

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