Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She's a laundry freak apparently.

This is how Bebe helps with the laundry. She finds a pile of clean clothes and then sleeps on it...leaving her stinky sweet Frito feet smell all over it too. Thanks Bebe!

Really though, she has a kennel big enough for a medium-sized dog and the door is wide open. In said kennel there are blankies, pillows, and enough cushion for the pushin'...but where does she choose to lay? In random piles of laundry. This is her new thing. If there is a pile of clothes (dirty or clean) she finds it and makes a nest. Sometimes she'll get up and there is a nice little egg shaped indention where she's curled up into a ball. The worst part about her new addiction is that she blends in with the laundry like a chameleon. The pile you see in the picture is on my bed. I went to turn the fan on and didn't realize she was laying there and she startled the shit out of me LOL. Silent but deadly, she is. (how Yodaesque of me ha!)

I think I might just sell her expensive ass kennel and throw a pile of dirty clothes down for her to lay on. While I'm at it, I'll give all her toys away and let her play with paper towels and my pin cushions...she loves those! Oy, she's a little nutty but we love her anyway.

p.s. I love her expression in this photo. She's telling me to bugger off with her eyes. hee!

3 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

adorable! my kitty does that--really he just likes to sleep on anything that isn't the floor--he's cuddled up on an empty sugar bag, clothes, and one time in my new 12-inch frying pan! butchy is obsessed w/padding...she will push all the throw pillows on the couch into the same corner and nestle down in them like a fort. ah...animals bring such joy!

Dlsarmywife said...

heeheehee, I am so glad to know my dog isn;t the only one who does this. Unfortunately he's much larger...a black lab/border collie mix. It's the silliest thing, especially when his dog bed is right next to the laundry! But I love him dearly. =D

Mellz said...

I'm glad to see Bebe is not alone in her silliness :D Animals are wonderful aren't they!?