Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I feel like spreading buttery cute love all over u!

You like that title right? haha!

Mmmm, sunspot.
Bebe was not amused my post title at all.

But that's not what this post is about! It's about the love I feel around this place lately! If making it to 200 posts wasn't enough, now we have 30 followers! *throwing confetti around*

I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone who follows LAMC (even those who lurk in the shadows of cuteness!) and those faithful few who even leave comments, lol! I am not a comment whore by any means, but who doesn't like to have feedback on what they post? (So if you are a regular, but haven't left any comments or even made me aware of your existence, please do! :))

I try take time to look at all of your blogs regularly and if I haven't left a comment yet, give me time. I've got a million things to do and I procrastinate a lot, but I want to make a point to interact with all of you!

If you haven't noticed over there on the sidebar, there is a NEW logo for my next giveaway. (You remember my last giveaway over here? Well, Just Jingle won it and her loot should be there any day now :D) This giveaway will be hosted right here on this blog, YAY! It will be a giveaway of mass quantities fit for anyone who loves all things cute. I'm offering this giveaway to celebrate 200 posts, 30 followers, 8 sales on Etsy and my birthday (August 26th)! Things have really be looking up over here and it motivates me to keep at it and do my best. I feel like a giveaway is the least I can do :) So mark your calendars and tell a friend (or 2...or 20) if they want a chance to win a bunch of free goodies to be here on August 26th!


p.s. I'm going to start vlogging very very soon. Be afraid, muahahahahaaha!

4 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

My kitty does this same face when she sits in front of the window air conditioner. I call it the look of bliss :) Bebe is such a sweetheart.

sarahe said...

yay! i am a total blog & comment whore btw, but i take the golden rule seriously when it comes to blogging! ;) bebe is super cute, and congrats on 200 posts & 30 followers!

Hawaii said...

Your dog is the cutest, and I love your blog. Keep up the cuteness!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

i exist ... and so do you ...

hugz ...