Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Etsy Finds: Kawaii Cute Yellow Edition

What do you get when you type in "kawaii cute yellow" on Etsy? A whole lotta adorable goodness!
Etsy Finds: Kawaii Cute Yellow
LINKY LOVE: 1.Yellow Star Kawaii Plush Pin 2. Mini Frame Pouch 3.Butterscotch The Little Raccoon 4. Hello Kitty Hair Clippie 5. Happy Tree Hanging Ornament 6. Yellow Gingham Heart Stud Earrings 7. Yellow Rose Stud Earrings 8. Lemon Apples Cube Wallet 9. Little Chubby Chick

Yellow has always been a favorite color for me. When I was a little girl, my room was decorated with yellow gingham fabrics and rainbow accent pieces. I even had a little crayola table with crayon chairs! I didn't realize then how awesome my room was. So sunny and full of cheer. think I could get away with a room like that now? ;)

3 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

of course you can! I have one room in my house that is orange, turquoise, purple and hot pink. I might be the only one that loves it, but I love it so who cares! I am totally digging that butterscotch raccoon- too cute!!

Elise said...

Hello, absolutely loving your blog and wanted to leave a comment to say so.

Your pics are brilliant and I love your writing - I'm learning so much already !

I will be back, thanks so much for sharing - very generous !!!

Mellz said...

Kim - You know the more I think about it, I should totally do a room inspired by my childhood and you're right if no one else likes it, SO? It's for me :)

Elise - thank you for the lovely compliments and I'm glad to share! It's what makes blogging so much fun for me. Can't wait to see you around :D