Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Sooooooo Need This Shirt!

because I'm:

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!?? We found the BEST house  EVERRRRRRRR and we're moving away from my crazy landlord, YAY! We will start moving around the 1st of December or so and hope to be settled in by the 15th. We have a month to be out of our current place so we are doing it all gradually. So I may be a little sporadic with my blogging over the next few weeks. I'll post when I can but we've got so much to do that I'm not making any promises ;) Also, my holiday giveaway is postponed :( I'm hoping to do it before Xmas, but I won't guarantee that either. I'll keep you updated because you won't want to miss it!

Anywho, the new place is a few streets over from where we live now and it has everything we want and more. I'll have the craft room of my dreams and the boy will have his very own work shop outside. He's calling it his "man cave" haha! We also have a huuuge backyard with a gazebo (which has a stone fire pit grill inside it too! omg omg omg) So you know what that means right!? PAR-TTTTTTAAAAAAYY BITCHEESSSSSSSS! LOL! I can't wait to have people over. (We never have anyone over now because of our landlord and her craziness).

I'll have pictures of  our new place soooooon. ♥

(hey. psssst. if you haven't followed our landlord drama, click here to catch up.)

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