Thursday, November 26, 2009

Moving. Changing. Growing! ♥

I've been so inspired and invigorated by finding a beautiful new house to live in that I've started thinking about my goals and aspirations for the house. But I'm really focusing on my vision for a new me too! I want to be the person I've always dreamed of being in this new space and in the new year that's almost here. As we pack, sort, and shed stuff, I realize I can do the same for myself in a different way. It's time for me to shed the crap that holds me back and move forward with a vengeance!  I'm a little too excited! haha ;) This will be a new series of posts in my blog, and I hope you'll follow the journey with me and be inspired along the way. So let's get to it!

► Goal 1: Make a personal/gratitude journal & write in it consistently.


Pretty Journal Inspiration via We Heart It. click individual photo for credit ♥

Why?: Because sometimes you don't want to share everything in your blog, lol. Honestly, I need to get all of my thoughts and feelings onto paper so that I can clear my mind for creativity, tranquility, peace, and balance! These days everything is digital, fast-paced, instant instant instant. I'm always staring at some kind of screen and pushing buttons! This instant society we live in has made me impatient and unwilling to slow down and find myself in all the chaos. Sitting with paper and pen & taking time to purposely slow my thoughts is going to do wonders for me. Currently I have all these thoughts bottled up in my head and it feels like it could explode! I need a space to check in with myself and sort out all the details of life, love, business, and dreams!

Inspiration: Elsie of A Beautiful Mess/RVA...when I think of creative journaling, this pretty lady comes to mind first. She makes all kinds of personal journals, life goal lists, and stuff like that. This definitely triggers memories from my youth when I would do these kinds of things too. Somewhere along the way I stopped and I'm not sure why. I know a big part of it is always feeling too busy to do it...but I know this is a lame excuse because I always manage to have time for spending lots of time on the internet, watching stupid reality tv, and other major time wasters! My goal is to take time to get in touch with ME again and I feel journaling is a great way to do it. Thanks for the inspiriation, Elsie! ♥

Materials: I'd like to use pretty binding, brown craft paper, pretty buttons, my label maker, adhesive jewels, scrapbook embellishments, handwritten fonts, manila envelopes, chunky yarn, ric rac, polka dot ribbon/fabric, pink graph paper, bright colors, sharpie pens, etc. These are all things that I love and I want my journal to be a complete reflection of me and my personal style.

Deadline: I'd like to have my first journal created by mid-January or so because I can't wait to start writing in it! I'm going to be busy with the move during December, but I have a vacation from my day job coming up  December 24th - January 4th so I should be able to start working on it soon. I will be sharing pictures and stories from the whole journal making process so stay tuned...Goal 2 is coming soon!

Are you already thinking about your dreams & hopes for 2010? Feel free to leave a comment and share!

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all my US residents out there! I hope you all have a wonderful day and eat until the button on your pants pops off, shoots across the room, and hits your creepy uncle in the butt ;)

2 lovely readers said...:

GraphXGrrl said...

Sounds very exciting! Good luck with your move, I'm glad you found a new place. :)

The journal idea sounds fun too! I can't wait to see what new creations you have in store for us in the new year.

Kim said...

I am sooo excited for you- I got your email- thank you! I keep a paper journal too- I have not worked in it in forever because of the same things you listed- too much internet, too much tv, etc. I hope you'll post some of your less personal journal pages- maybe I'll start working in mine again too- it is wonderful for lowering stress levels! Hope you had a fab thanksgiving!!!!