Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello, My Lovelies...


I miss my blog SO much! I got used to posting everyday :( Well as if my life wasn't hectic enough, my landlord has decided to act even crazier and give us even more of a hard time. Since we moved here (coming up on 4 years ago in December) she has been batty. She lives in our duplex on the other side with her 3 maltipoos. She has unrealistic expectations and delusional thoughts of grandeur but we managed to get past that and kind of had a peaceful 2009 so far.

Well Thursday night, she knocks very loudly on the door and I answer. She barges her way in (almost knocked me over) and proceeds to tell me that our yard is in violation of blah blah blah because we have our Christmas tree from last year back there. WTF? The reason it's back there is because I told the boy if we are going to continue to get live trees for Xmas, then I want to chop it up and bury it so that it can decompose and return to the earth so to speak...instead of sitting in a landfill somewhere. She showed me all the paperwork where the city has complained multiple times about our yard.

Then she gives me this letter that basically tells us that she's better than us and we are lousy tenants and we should just put in our 30 days notice blah blah blah. Now for the TRUTH. HER backyard is FULL of JUNK. HER backyard is overgrown and untended. We live in a duplex and instead of having 1/2 of the backyard we have 1/4 if that. She layed the fencing so that she has 3/4ths of the entire yard. So even if the city sends notices about 3781 which is our side, it still can reference HER yard because she has 1/2 of the yard that's behind our side fenced off as hers. So technically they are probably complaining about her too and she just doesn't want to admit that because that would mean she isn't perfect! Also, she has recently pissed a lot of people in our neighborhood off because she bulldozed part of the cemetery that is next to the duplex. This cemetery has graves that date to the 1906 I believe, so it can be considered a city historic landmark and she cleared well over her property line so that she could put up....wait for it...yet ANOTHER fence to make her yard bigger and so that she could put a brand new driveway in ON HER SIDE, while our drive way is crappy gravel.

But it gets EVEN better! In her bullshit letter, she tells us that she has a waiting list of people who would love to rent this side of the duplex..and that the amentites here are SO great that she can't see why we aren't in love with her and this place. O-M-G!! She is CRAZY. This place doesn't have a full sized water heater so showers are 10 minutes max of hot water. LAME! The water heater sits in a cabinet in our kitchen...that's how small it is! It doesn't have a dishwasher. It doesn't have attic space. (Oh wait it DOES have an attic but she sealed the entrance on our side off so that only SHE has access to it. We have a tiny storage closet out back that would suit someone who owns almost NOTHING as it's about 3' x 3'.) There are things she's said she would fix since the day we moved in that STILL have not been repaired. She tried to fix our tub that was leaking TWO different times and still did not fix it because she has no idea how to fix anything and this drove our utility bill up to $600 over the normal amount we pay. The boy told her what as wrong with it and she wouldn't even listen to him because he couldn't possibly know how to fix anything. Ends up he was RIGHT and he fixed it himself! Just like we've fixed countless other shit here because she doesn't have a clue how to do anything RIGHT. Let's see...we don't have PROPER insulation in our backroom so it's freezing back there in the winter and hot as hell back there in the summer which also adds to higher ulities...we can't listen to music at a normal level and god forbid we turn it up because she expects to live in a DUPLEX with THIN walls and never hear anything from the other side. She throws a big fit if anyone comes over and blocks her driveway even by 1/4th of an inch but she can have big trucks doing work on her side block our driveway all the time blah blah goes on and on...and this crazy woman thinks that this is a place with WONDERFUL amenities. Excuse me when I say, BITCH PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!

The worst of it all for ME is that she won't let us have another dog without paying a $300 pet deposit. When we moved here we had 1 dog, 1 bird, and a rabbit which we only paid $100 deposit for. That dog and bird have now passed on and all we had was the rabbit. Then we got Bebe. That's 2 pets. So I wanted another dog and she hits me with the whole $300 thing. How in the world does that make sense?? We have to put up with her 3 LOUD maltipoos barking at all hours of the day and night and we never complain about it...she is just so selfish and I can't wait to get another dog and walk it past her house. I'm going to let it shit and piss all over her yard (she hates that! This guy was walking his Rotty past our house one day and it peed on her dead weeds. She opens the door and says "THANK YOU" in her bitchiest tone. Yes, she's that kind of person who has nothing else to do but stare out her window and make everyone else feel like shit)

But anyway, we've had enough. We're taking our ball and going home. a real home where we won't be harassed and belittled by an evil witch. It sucks because we're moving, during the holiday season but I'm hoping we can find something early so that we'll be done with all of it by December 15th or so. But it'll be worth it no matter what. I can't wait to get away from her and her negativity. I can't wait to live somehwere where I can take a 20-25 minute shower if I want lol. I miss that! I can't wait to turn my music up loouuuuddddddd haha ;)

She's made our life hell and I will NEVERRRRRRRR live next door to my landlord again.

But I said all of that to say...I miss you guys and I don't know when I'll be back on schedule. Life is hectic right now!! I'm just really tired of being unhappy in multiple areas of my life and I am hoping with this move that I will get myself together and really flourish in 2010. Thank you all for your support because it means so much to me. More than you know!! (Sorry this post was so long and so grumpy. I promise more happy posts to come lol)

p.s.I'll leave you with some good news though, I had my FIRST international Etsy order! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! I'll be sending my BT stickers all the way to Austria. How cool is that!? ;) Kim -- I am almost done stuffing your box full of stuff lol. I am sorry it's taking me so long but I keep having things I want to make you and I hope you don't mind. Please don't kill me, lol...I am almost there and I haven't forgotten you ;)

4 lovely readers said...:

mel said...

omg, i want you to move. ugh, i hate people like that so much. but try not to focus on that, just get yourselves together and leave peacefully, before she tries anything else. landlords always try to get the man or even the woman to do something illegal so they get in trouble.but i dont think you'll resort to violence, but i'm just saying, LEAVE NOW. my arents put up with this crap a long time ago when i was just a baby, like 3 days old.

Sophie St Vicious said...

what a terrible going on. I hope you find somewhere you can call home & get settled in for christmas

GraphXGrrl said...

OMG that woman sounds horrible. Maybe karma will hit her and those graves she built over will cause her house to be haunted. lol

Moving sounds like a good idea. Just think of it as a Christmas present to yourself. I'm sure you'll find something great! :)

Kim said...

I am praying and sending out as many "find the perfect place" vibes as I can! My old job was like this- negative energy everyday as soon as I walked in the door. What a difference in my life when I left that job and all the negative energy behind me. My wish for you is that you can achieve this too- you can only put up with crazy so long :)

Good luck!!!! Fingers and toes crossed for you here!