Sunday, May 3, 2009

Miniature Love: I've been busy baking.

I have a bunch of new minis to share with the if I could only get a decent picture of them! My camera pretty much sucks unless the lighting is just right. I am going to get a new camera (and I'm going to learn more about photography as well) soonish I hope. But for now I'll make do. Hopefully we'll have some really sunny days this week so I can shoot outside...

Here's a little teaser though

peanut butter cookies

(L-R chocolate bar w/ bite mark, 2 layer peanut butter chocolate cake w/ whipped vanilla icing, white chocolate bar dipped in dark chocolate w/ bite mark, marshmallows drizzled in dark chocolate syrup, peanut butter cookies, single layer strawberry cake w/ whipped strawberry icing, pink meringue cookies, red velvet cake hiding in the back)

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