Friday, September 3, 2010

My Birthday Recap!
(I know it was a week ago but better late than never right?? lol)

Check out the awesome gifts and cards from my coworkers!
I LOVE this Hello Kitty address stamp *swoon*

These gifts are from my boy:

A yummy cake from Muddy's Bake Shop!

Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon:The End of Day on VINYL! Yesssss :D

A PINK Flip Camcorder! (Hella VLOGS coming your way soon ;))
via gamesbite

a 5lb bag of gummi worms!! (They are my biggest vice haha)
via we heart it

& a great book!
via amazon

and perhaps the biggest surprise was this:
a yummy cake from the super awesome Kat of Muddy's Bake Shop! Her sweet guy Thomas (of Eat Local Memphis) was dropping their adorable doggie off at the daycare I work at and he had this cake for me. I was SO surprised and happy! This was hands down one of the best cakes I've EVER tasted (peach breakfast cake with vanilla glaze  *___~ O-M-G GOOD!) Thanks you guys for such a special treat!! I love Muddy's 4 everrrrr ;) Even if it keeps expanding my waistline :P

I got some awesome gifts but more importantly, my friends and loved ones made me feel really special and I appreciate that.Thank you guys again! (and Amy, we still have some celebratin' to do sister :P) 

Have an amazing weekend everyone! I've got a 3 day weekend and I'm going to clean, work on Blythe commissions, & try and relax somewhere in there ;)


This isn't a bday gift but I wanted to post about it anyway because I'm SO happy! I did a lot of dog sitting this summer and I was able to buy a new kick ass laptop with the money I made. (If you don't remember my laptop died a while ago and we've been using a super old school computer from my boy's job that his boss let him borrow.) The boy's dad found us an amazing deal on a Toshiba Satellie L505 and it rocks!!! I am so grateful!

9 lovely readers said...:

miss indie said...

Happy [late] birthday!! I'm so sorry I missed your actual birthday. It looks like you had fun! :]
Those cards are hilarious. Haha, nothing like a good birthday card.
<3333you, birthday gal!
XO. m

bee. said...

that birthday cake looks amazing!
you're very lucky (: looks like you had a good'un.

Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

Yay! I'm glad it was a happy one!!!

mrs.adrienneK said...


Miki's scrapbook said...

Happy belated birthday, MK! =D The first cake looks awesome! I'm craving cake now, haha. You got pretty cards and gifts!



Thomas said...


Glad you liked the cake. We let Finny pick the recipe by putting them on the floor, and the first one he touched with the nub was the one (not really, but would have been cool)!

Awesome blog!

Melly Kay said...

LOL Thomas!! That would have been SO cool ;) thank you guys again!!!

Holly said...

Yay, Happy birthday... glad you got so much cool stuff :D

Holly Knitlightly said...

Aw looks like you had such a great birthday! Happy (belateD) birthday. Love the cards! And that's so sweet they surprised you with a cake! :) I too have a flip camera, maybe I should make a video blog sometime? Hmmmmmmm!