Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Remember to SMILE today!

I have been STRESSED to the max (remember when EVERYTHING was to the max? ha!) and I just have to keep telling myself to smile! I am determined to manage my stress in a positive way instead of letting it bring me down. I hope you'll do the same if you're feeling stressed. Listen to this song...or any song that makes you super happy and let's get away from it all...even if it's only for a few minutes ;)

I was lucky enough to see her perform this song LIVE in concert and OMG it was amazing! They cut out all of the lights and had a spotlight on her and the dude playing frills and it left me speechless! LOVE LOVE LOVE Janelle Monae foreva-eva!

Now smile REALLY big and laugh a little too. ;)

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3 lovely readers said...:

With Love, Jamie said...

She has a beautiful voice :)
Funny you just blogged about stress...I did too this morning! ;)
Don't worry, be happy! You are beautiful!
xo, Jamie

Anonymous said...

great advice, lovely song :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

:) She's awesome!