Saturday, September 11, 2010

Andre Benjamin Is...Mixtape

((You might know him as Andre 3000 :P)
I found this mixtape last night while listening to all kinds of music on the interwebs ;) I've loved this guy since the early 90's (Outkast was my ISH back then and still is!) and it's basically a mix of all of the amazing verses he's given us throughout the years. There are some big Boi verses too, so don't fret ;) Enjoy!

found via earmilk

2 lovely readers said...:

Courtney said...

Oukast totally reminds me of hanging out with my older brother (yay!) but what I like most about Andre is his incredible style! That man can dress himself and crazy well too!

Melly Kay said...

I LOVE his style...I should do a post on it haha. He's got great style and he's not afraid to be himself. LOVE it :D