Sunday, September 12, 2010

Typography Love

via grain edit | work by Justin Fuller of Pencil & Paper

via visualingual | by Margaret Kilgallen (RIP)

via Flickr | Lis Charman (I <3 The Ramones)

via existing visual | by Espo (LOVE him!)

 via design*sponge | by leslie and pea

via a love letter for you | by Espo

via grain edit | by Yulia Brodskaya (she created the graphics from paper! so amazing!)

I could look at stuff like this all day long!

5 lovely readers said...:

amy lapi said...

i love typography :)
did you get my email?

Melly Kay said...

I did Amy, sent you a reply today :D

Meghan said...

Ok, so, Margaret Killigan is deceased, but the gal behind visualingual isn't, right?

Melly Kay said...

Meghan -- that's right! sorry for any confusion. visualingual is the source I got the image from.

Gwen said...

im taking Typography right now its o fun

but really time consuming!

I gave you the Sunshine Award!
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