Monday, June 28, 2010

Pick #5: Sade

I love Sade!! Her voice is so sexy, soothing, and mellow. If you want to relax, she is the queen of "chill" music. I can remember listening to Sade as a kid and her music just blew my mind. Her sound is so unique and her lyrics are so real. I also thought she was so beautiful! (& she STILL looks exactly the same. The woman is GORGEOUS and she doesn't age!) She recently put out a new studio album after a 10 year break and she is still AMAZING!

Sade also has amazing videos! If you've never seen any of these you're in for a visual treat :D

Happy Monday people! Enjoy it :D

3 lovely readers said...:

Courtney!;* said...

she still has it! i love her.

jo_annie said...

we used "by your side" for our wedding, when I walked down the aisle... and the faster version of the song after "I now pronounce you..." she does have a beautiful voice!

Eline said...

Yay! I looove Sade! I use to be so very very obsessed with her a couple of years back and I still love her. She's indeed very soothing!

Also, I love your blog! Everything you post is so cute and colourful! :D