Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ready to be INSPIRED?

This is a documentary YOU need to see!

WARNING: This post is going to be a little long! I've included a "jump" so be sure to click "READ MORE HERE" for the full post!

This film focuses on a group of  artists that got together and started a huge movement in the the art world during 1990's and beyond. They drew a great amount of  influence from punk lifestyle & music, skateboarding, and street art (esp. graffiti). These artists are beyond innovative, influential, and SO talented. Many of them have changed the way people view street art and art in general. All of them seem to have so many different areas of expertise and I LOVE that because sometimes I feel like I am all over the place (blythe customizing, illustrating, painting, crafting, miniatures, etc.). They make me feel OK about it, lol. 

I've listed all of the beautiful "losers" below...if you have time, google some of them and check out their work. As you search, you'll probably realize that you've already seen a lot of the graphic art and ads that some of them have done. I have heard of quite of few of these artists before I saw the film, but seeing it all put together  is quite an experience. The film makes you realize just how powerful a small group of creative, indie-minded people can be. 

Aaron Rose - film director, independent art curator, writer + more. He's the guy who opened the gallery (Alleged) and featured a lot of these artists work. He's done a lot in the art world and is still doing a lot but it's too much for me to type so look him up!

Thomas Campbell - painter, sculpter, photographer, and filmmaker

Ed Templeton - ex pro skater, artist, photographer

Harmony Korine - film & music video director, producer, screenwriter, photographer

Shepard Fairey - artist, graphic designer, illustrator (He did Obama's HOPE poster)
Make Art Not War

Cheryl Dunn - photographer, filmmaker
Cheryl Dunn, Drafted

Margaret Kilgallen (RIP) - painter, contemporary folk artist (she repped hand-painted, vintage style signs so HARD! It's a dying art and.I'm so learning to do it! PLEASE check out some of her work if you're a font-head like me.)

Barry McGee - painter, graffiti artist, he was also married to Margaret (above)

Mike Mills - fiim & music video director, graphic artist

Geoff McFetridge - what doesn't he do? filmmaker, illustrator, graphic designer, painter, animator + more! He's a multi-disciplinary artist for sure! He also did the hand-drawn title sequence & entire graphics package for Where the Wild Things Are

Stephen "ESPO" Powers - I LOVE his work!! He is also bringing life to the art of hand-painted signs. His lines are SO unbelievably clean. It really is amazing! He also has done graffiti and does a lot of mural work. I will be doing a post on him sooooon.

Chris Johansen & Jo Jackson (more married artists awww) - chris is a painter and street artist, jo is a painter and sculptor...and I think they have an affenpinscher :D sooo cute!!

I HIGHLY recommend Beautiful Losers. I was so inspired by it that I watched it two times in a row LOL!
(If you've seen it, what did you think?? )

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With Love, Jamie said...

New reader here! :)
Love your Support Local thing you have going on!

kat ann said...

holy cow.. I searched for that movie on netflix hoping that you can watch it instantly and you CAN!!! I am so excited! =) I'll be watching it this evening it looks so good. My husband and I both skateboarded in high school AND are huge punk rock fans so I'm sure we'll love it. thanks so much for posting!

Kim said...

awwww man- I have got to finish paying up bills so I can sign up for Netflix! I'm storing this post as a bookmark so I can look for this movie- I want to see it!!!!

mineizclouds said...

Awesome! I'm watching it now!
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