Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thrifting Finds!

Me and the boy went thrifting last weekend and I found some sweet stuff! Check it :D

Vintage S & P shakers
salt & pepper shakers

1950's Vintage Thermos Insulated Food Jars
Vintage THERMOS insulated food jars

1970's Vintage Tupperware Stacking Spice Containers
1970's Vintage Tupperware Stacking Spice Containers
vintage Tupperware stacking spice jars...I found seven of these :D

1972 Vintage McCoy Scandia Vase
vintage McCoy vase from the Scandia line...this is my third find from this line and I love them all!

i ♥ thrifting!

5 lovely readers said...:

Windsor Grace said...

I'm so jealous. I usually just find crap.

Kim said...

wow- great finds!!! I am so jealous over those spice jars- they are fab!!

The Curious Pug said...

ooh i love the thermoses! totally reminds me of elementary school and hoping my spaghettios were still hot :)

lbsthecheese said...

Oh my goodness! We had those Tupperware spice jars when I was a kid! We used to keep cinnamon and sugar mix in the brown one :)

AdronsCatherine said...

Good Lord, woman! Where ARE you shopping????? Of course, I live out near the 'burbs, and the thrift shops out this way are pathetic!