Sunday, March 7, 2010

  • set up a meeting with L
  • work on setting up "clay station" in studio
  • clean the rabbit cage
  • make anne's cd!!
  • clean bedroom
  • keep up with indie biz class stuff
  • visit club indie frequently & post pics
  • work on the yard
  • grocery store
  • delete old emails/accounts & images on the laptop
  • sleepy eyes for Gaga
  • new pull string charms for Gaga
  • Bebe - bath, nail trim, ear cleaning (Wednesday)
  • find new suppliers
  • work on blog design (still not done argh!)
  • announce next giveaway! 
I kind of forgot about doing my weekly goal posts for a few weeks, oops. LOL! But the good thing is that I realize when I was doing these posts, I got more done. What are your goals for this week?? I probably won't get everything done on my list but I'm going to try...I've been a major slacker lately and it's time to get my booty in gear :D


    2 lovely readers said...:

    Sophie St Vicious said...

    good luck ticking each one of your list!

    Dlsarmywife said...

    Good luck with your list. I've been forgetting my to-do lists too...must go make a post.