Sunday, March 7, 2010

He's Late! He's Late!

Did you go see Alice in Wonderland this weekend?? Let me know what you thought about it and what movie food you scarfed lol! (I looooove movie food!!) I just had to post this adorably cute needle felted white rabbit :D It's handmade by my friend Kim of Flowers & Art. It's genius and so adorably cute! Isn't the background is amazing too? GREAT job Kim! Thanks for the inspiration ;)

Happy Sunday! 

2 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

awwww- Thanks for posting my white rabbit! I had so much fun making him :) I have not had much luck talking my hubby into seeing the movie yet- maybe I'll just have to go alone. Did you see it yet??

AdronsCatherine said...

What a sweet little thing!!!!

We *NEVER* go see movies, but I managed to talk Adron into joining me, my sister, and a few of her friends for a late night showing. I totally loved it!!! It was beautiful, clean, and just a little dark and twisted without being disturbing... Kinda odd for a Tim Burton flick, but it totally worked, and I will be buying it once it comes out on Blu Ray!

We were very surprised that the theater wasn't sold out - guess Cordovans don't like that kinda show lol! And no movie food here - we ate at home and were quite stuffed lol!