Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Mondays: Cold War Kids

I heard of this band on one of our local stations, WEVL. (They play ALL kinds of music and I always discover amazing music when I listen to their various programming. I LOVE them because it's an independent station funded by it's listeners and they play stuff that no other stations in this city play. They change the type of music every few hours so you never get bored or hear the same song twice. It's run by volunteers and it's an awesome station! Wanna listen? Go here.)

But back to the topic at hand...the Cold War Kids! I really like their sound...kind of reminds me of Radiohead but they have a style that is definitely unique. I really look forward to listening to more of their stuff. They are from Long Beach California and they've been making music together since 2004.

If you already know about this awesome indie band, let me know what you think their best songs are :D If you've never heard of them, learn more about the Cold War Kids here.

Have a great Monday yall!

p.s. Did you watch the Oscars last night? What did you think? Ben Stiller made my night haha!

6 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

I love all of these songs- thanks Mel!!! I watched the Oscars- ugh- waaaay past my bedtime! I had to know if Jeff Bridges would win- and of course you don't get to know the good stuff till the end :) I loved Ben Stiller too!!!

Bird Trouble said...

OMG Ben Stiller made my night too. I could NOT stop laughing!! I even called my mom from upstairs and was like "ARE YOU WATCHING THIS. SERIOUSLY MOM ARE YOU. OMG" I was watching it with my friend who didn't see Avatar yet and he was all "umm... whats up with the pink stuff at the tail?"

Melly Kay said...

you're welcome kim! i stayed up too late too and i was so tired the next day lol. i had to see if mo'nique would win. i love jeff bridges too...he's such a hippy hehehe.

alexz -- LMAO!

AdronsCatherine said...

Oooh! Love CWK! Did you happen to go see them at the Orpheum last year? I am fairly certain it was April 11, which was 2 days before I wanted to have Jonah, but wound up being 2 days after I had him. I so wanted to go!!! I think they were with Ra Ra Riot and Death Cab, but that could be my imagination lol!

We don't do the awards show thing, or local radio. I'm an XM kinda gal and don't do a whole lot of tv either =)

Melly Kay said...

Nope didn't see them Cat...wish I had!

I really want to get into XM radio...just haven't got around to it! :D

Lacey said...

Cold War Kids is one of my favorite bands. You have to check out "A change is gonna come" It's not on either of their albums, but I think it's off a single. My favorite songs are Hospital Beds, Cryptomnesia, Hang Me up to Dry, and Robbers. They are a great live band, so go see them if you get the chance!