Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Mustache Trend Goes Doggie!

Have you heard of these things? It's called a Humunga Stache :D  It's a hilariously silly chew toy! On the other end of the 'stache there's a ball and when your dog grabs it in his, it looks like he has a rather snazzy indognito mustache hehe. I think the mustache trend is slowly dying out, but you really have to love this toy! I'm sure a lot of doggies would LOVE to have their stocking stuffed with one of these for Christmas! I'd get one just for shits and giggles ;)

Not to be outdone, they also have the Humunga Tongue for all the snarky dogs out there, ha!

Happy Tuesday!! :D

p.s. Earlier I posted about great handmade gifts for girls and some of you may have seen it. I accidentally deleted it and I doubt I'll go through typing and linking it all out again *sigh* So if you saw it, you're not seeing things, it's gone :B boo!

2 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

these are so funny!!!!!

GraphXGrrl said...

LOL! Those are too cute.