Monday, November 9, 2009

Mad Mondays: The Hiatus Begins...

I love this picture

 Because the season finale was last night! Did you watch?? All I can say is WOW, lol. (I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.) Mad Mondays will return in mid 2010 so if you've want to catch up for season 4, you can rent seasons 1-3 or watch past episodes on online. I guarantee you'll be hooked ;)

In other news...
Google celebrates Sesame St 40th anniversary
Is anyone else REALLY enjoying Google's celebration of Sesame Street's 40th anniversary as much as me?? My favorite Google doodle so far has been Cookie Monster! I found this site that's keeping track of all the different designs and even shares the international characters too! (See the colorful cousin to Big Bird @ the top? That's Aberlado of Mexico's Plaza Sesamo - I didn't know he existed but I love him!)

Anywho, I am feeling much better! Thanks to everyone for your get better wishes :) I went to Gary and Elizabeth's wedding last night and it was awesome. I broke down and cried HARD when they did their first dance haha...they didn't do a slow dance, but a funky boogie and to see two people looking so happy really touched me. When I met Gary (almost 5 or 6 years ago) he was going through a crazy rough time and to see grow and him flourish is inspiring. He is so different now, but he's maintained his awesome personality that draws everyone to him. I am so happy for them! The wedding itself was, red, and peacock feathers everywhere. the bridesmaids wore black dresses with gorgeous peacock feather fans. The grooms men wore black and white converse with their suits. There were peacock feathers at our table along with roses and black candles. It was a masquerade theme so a lot of guests dressed up in fancy masks and ornate costumes. I love non-traditional weddings and theirs was so well done! I'll post some pics later this week once I've edited them :) I'll also have pics from Bebe's playdate with her best buddy Roxy too. I hope you had a great weekend! Leave a comment a let me know what you did!

Happy Monday :)

2 lovely readers said...:

Kim said...

I love weddings so much- I think it is the floral designer in me. I cannot wait to see pictures- it sounds fabulous! I have not watched Mad Men yet because I would prefer to watch from the beginning- gonna have to break down and buy the dvd's before next season starts! I spent the weekend adding hangers to my christmas ornaments and now I am finally ready to move on to christmas cards! Glad you are feeling better!!!!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

You have a lovely blog. I'm glad you stopped by at my place :)