Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh, P.S.

Typhoid Ashley, the winner of my last giveaway, posted a slideshow of her goodies from me!! PLEASE check it out because it's just so freaking cute to see it in that format.  You can view it HERE.

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image credited to Ashley!

If you were curious about what the mystery gift was, it was different for every person who entered! You know how I asked everyone to tell me what their favorite dessert is?? Well hers was chocolate covered strawberries so I made her miniature chocolate covered strawberries and a bowl of chocolate sauce for dipping!

You would have gotten your favorite dessert in miniature form and that would have been pretty cool, right? right! *wink*

5 lovely readers said...:

mel said...

ohhhhh mannnnn.
that would be cool to win, but jeez, i have NEVER won anything in my life, except i stale smarties from bingo in the 1st grade. *sad*

Melanye K. said...

well i plan on having plenty of giveaways in the future so there's always hope if you enter! i hardly ever win anything either so don't feel bad ;)

GraphXGrrl said...

That's a really cute idea!

Kim said...

sooo cute! You make really awesome mini food! I totally want some strawberries now though.

Kim said...

Had to come back- I just watched the slide show and holy cow and wow! You sent a pretty awesome prize- what a great box of goodies. You are so sweet Melanye!