Friday, October 2, 2009

TGIF: I ♥ The Weekends!

Hey yall, HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so glad Friday is here. It's been a crazy crazy crazy week. I'm so glad I can stay up late tonight and sleep in tomorrow! My day was going great until I got lost on my lunch break. I mean REALLY lost. I had to take a detour from my normal route home because of construction grrrrr!

In hindsight I should have turned around earlier but I kept driving (thinking I knew where I was going). After a few wrong turns, I had no clue where I was for 20-25 minutes worth of driving (while clutching the wheel and saying "oh my god" and sighing heavily every five minutes). That feeling of not knowing where the hell you are is SO freaky! To top it off, MY CELL PHONE WAS DEAD (note to self: keep phone charged damnit!)

I finally found my way onto a recognizable road but I was 30 minutes away from where I needed to be. I am proud of myself though I didn't cry and I didn't freak out as much as I would have a few years ago. I just told myself that I would make it and I did. I think I'm going to get the boy to take me around the parts of the city I don't know and help me with my sense of direction. I am horrible at directions and I don't pay attention to street names and landmarks ever. I just hate driving I think LOL (especially in Memphis UGH! There are some terrible ass drivers here)

Otherwise my day was great lol! The dogs were pretty well-behaved at work and it was gorgeous outside! I'm really enjoying life right now. I think I am maturing or something because certain things that used to drive me nuts don't bother me anymore. I'm learning to take everything in stride and look at the bigger picture. It really is freeing and peaceful! Now if I could only get my house cleaned up, I'd be set! :P

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Do something fun and/or creative and share it in your blogs :)

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