Monday, October 26, 2009

I Won Another Giveaway, YES!!

I really really REALLY wanted to win this giveaway from Lolligag and I did, YAY! My bloggy friend Just Jingle (who won MY first giveaway on the Tokyobunnie blog) also won a shirt too! How cool is that?? I love the idea of having a giveaway where multiple people win! I might have to try that in the future ;)

I am feeling very good today! I'd been a little run down lately but after work, I got out and did some yard work and surprisingly it made me feel invigorated. I raked and bagged all the leaves in the front yard and  then swept off the porch and door mat. It looks so pretty out there now! I promised myself that every day I am going to come home from work and do something productive like that. It really gives me a second wind after a long day at work and it cleared my mind a bit. I feel really nice right now :D

The boy is cooking dinner as I type this and Bebe is asleep in her laundry basket, lol. The only thing that would make this Monday evening better is a nice glass of wine, hehehe. How was your Monday?

5 lovely readers said...:

mel said...

Luck! be a ladyyyy, tonight!
my monday was suuuuper lame!
but congrats on the shirt!

GraphXGrrl said...

That shirt is super cute! Congrats!

My Monday was okay. Worked, took pics of my daughter in the Halloween costume I made for her, watched a scary movie (a really WEIRD one called 'Trick R Treat') then went to bed.

Jingle said...

Aren't you super excited? I TOTALLY am!!! I can't wait! I was excited to see your name there, too!!!

Kim said...

Congrats!!!! That is a super cute shirt! I always feel better when I get some exercise- but knowing that doesn't always get me off my butt :) Glad you had a great day- hope today is good too!!

Bird Trouble said...

Awesome!! That shirt is super adorable too!