Monday, September 28, 2009

Guess Who's Bizzack??

Me of course! If you didn't know I took some time off to just relax and clear my head...sometimes I just get so engulfed in blogging that my mind becomes mashed potatoes and won't work properly...that's when I know it's break time. But it's great to be back and I missed the blogosphere dearly (and truly even).

I am SO thankful for all my loverly guest bloggers!! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to help me out. It means a lot and I won't forget it. San, My BoyToy, & Tash -- you all rock hardcore super bad! (and yes I just made that up). Unfortunately, my 9/25/09 guest blogger had some unexpected things come up so she couldn't post, but it's all gravy baby ;) I told her she can guest blog whenever she wants worries! Hopefully she'll get to share her awesome stuff with you later on. I hope you all enjoyed having some new perspectives around here. I plan to do this whole guest blogger thing again, so if you'd like to do it, hit me up!

While I was on break, I didn't get a whole lot done but that was kind of the point. I wanted to just chilllllll. I did however manage to come up with a lot of new ideas that I will be sharing soon. I also decide that I will start selling my miniatures in the shop!! HOORAY! I've been baking minicakes and I'm almost ready to start listing them. So for all my mini fans out there be sure to keep checking back this week for pictures of my minis FINALLY! It feels so good to be making miniatures again. I really really REALLY love it and I hope that you'll love what I've been cookin'...

Hmm what else...oh! We went to the park THREE times yesterday lol. The first time we were taking Bebe to Woofstock @ Overton Park. The problem was Bebe is what they call reactive on the leash. She is fine until she sees another dog and she lunges and barks wanting to get to it. It's not aggressive at all, she just wants to play and she gets way too excited and in your face about it. It's really something we need to work on but I haven't had time. (bad mommy bad!) The Boy says  we need to walk around with bits of chicken in a pouch like Victoria Stilwell, hehe. Anyway, we get there and this couple and their Boston Terrier were walking towards us. He was so cute!! But she acted a damn fool lunging, high-pitched barking, and getting all in his face. Can you say embarrassing, uncomfortable, awkward, and anticute? :( They thought she was going to hurt their dog and walked away quickly. She did this to every dog she saw. Needless to say we left a little bit after that. People just don't understand (and rightfully so) that she's just hyper excited on the leash so they think it's aggressive when it's not. She doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body and she loves other dogs.
 Bebe @ the park
Lesson learned: work on leash training BEFORE the event, not at the event lol.

We've got the Showcase of Dogs coming up in October. I am going to work with her so that she won't be such a crackhead on the leash...pray for me, haha.    

After that we went to another park and let Bebe have fun there. There was so much to sniff and pee on! The highlight of the adventure is that she barked at a little boy wearing a suit, haha. She doesn't like cute little boys in suits apparently, go figure. She also got to ride the slide with daddy and it was his idea! He never ceases to amaze me with his love for the Beebs!
Bebe's first ride on the slide She liked riding the slide
I think she liked it :)

After that, we were on the way home and friend Darren called and wanted to go to guess where...the park, LOL! We couldn't let him down so we went and picked him up and went back to the same park we just came from. This time we went on the other side by the lake and it's so pretty back there. A few of his friends came with a case of Bud Ice (eewwww) and two beautiful pit bulls and they were SO awesome. The older one was a male and he was so handsome! He was so well-trained too. His recall was great! The younger one, his daughter, was just a goof ball. She was super cute. I enjoyed watching them play. I didn't get any pictures because I didn't really know these kids and I didn't want to come off as awkward snapping pics of their dogs. Hum ho...if we ever hang again I'll try then! Anyway, here are my favorite pics from the 3rd trip to the park lol.

the boys at the park
the boys at the park
the boy and darren have been friends for a long time. i just sat listening to them talk about the most interesting things. i love listening to good friends's always so effortless and real...

King Duck at the park
King duck posed for me.

big ass acorns
My most precious find of the day was these big ass acorns. They are about the size of half of my thumb. I LOVE them so much! I plan to go back and get a bunch of them to put in a glass vase for fall decor. I'm so glad Fall is HERE! It's my favorite season so expect lots of posts about leaves changing, yummy fall foodage, and other great stuff!

I hope you're having a happy Monday so far! toodles.

3 lovely readers said...:

Lemon Shortbread said...

Ooh that is one impressive duck lol! Love those acorns too. Good to chill out some, goodness knows we all need to recharge!

sarahe said...

welcome back!!! butch is like that too--she doesn't bark, but she is just so excited to meet new "friends" she extends her neck to make herself look taller and gets all up on them and sniffs at them...and then vomits up foam from her excitement...lovely

Melanye K. said...

@LS -- that duck was so awesome but a little intimidating. i felt like he might attack at any moment haha!

@sarahe -- thanks! i think butchy has bebe beat with the vomiting lol. dogs are so strange sometimes ;)