Monday, August 24, 2009

My Bojo's Goodies!

Here's the stuff I ended up buying!

Vintage Vase/Creamer
I have been wanting one of these small creamers since I saw them on Three Potato Four. I finally got one and only for $5, yay!

Vintage depression glass creamer/pitcher
They had another creamer (or pitcher?) that was similar but with thinner ribbing. It's also a little bit bigger than the other one. They're both the same shade of bright red orange.

Bobbie Had a Nickel - 1946
I am SO happy I found this book! It's from 1946 and it's in great condition! The only flaw is a little tear on the front...other than that it's perfect. Later on this week I'll post pictures of the whole book. The illustrations are GREAT!

Bobbie Had a Nickel - 1946
So cute!

Bobbie Had a Nickel - 1946
I wonder how many cookies a nickel would've bought back then :)

Vintage valentine punch out book
I got two of these valentine punch out books. They had a ton of them but a lot of them were water damaged and possibly burnt a little? I got the two best ones. Surprisingly they didn't have much damage at all. I can't wait to make things with the punch outs.

Vintage valentine punch out book
I love this illustration's so whimsical...

Vintage valentine punch out book
Isn't he cute?

Vintage valentine punch out book
I love this doggeh!!

Vintage valentine punch out book
I think I'm going to make the boy a valentine's day card from this one next year. (oh even if he reads this, he'll forget by then. haha)

We also went to a local store called Flashback to find some goodies for the giveaway (only two more days, make sure to come back and sign up!) I found some great stuff there these awesome strawberry tumblers. They were made in 1982 and they are brand new, never used. The washing instructions were even still in one of the cups! How crazy is that?
Strawberry Tumblers - 1982

upclose on the design

I think going to the thrift shops and antique malls could become addictive LOL! ;)

4 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

i am absolutely addicted to thrift shops!!! and i LOVE all your finds--totally my style. i'm jealous of the creamer!

Megkip ♪ said...

I know they're addictive! I love love love vintage, and that Bobbie had a nickle book is so cute, I can't want to see the whole book!

Mellz said...

I can't wait to go back LOL!

April said...

I have an awesome orange glass decanter from Flashbacks. The strawberry glasses are fab!