Monday, August 24, 2009

Bojo's (Antique Mall) Here We Come!

He's ready to go antiquing!
The boy is ready to rumble.

We ate lemon heads for fuel.

beautiful clouds
It was the most beautiful weekend ever! Not too hot and the high 80's. ahhh Fall is coming...

My favorite antique mall
Heaven = 40,000+ sq. feet of all kinds of STUFF!

This way to wonderland
I'm a sucker for a cool sign.

Vintage canisters
These were really cute but $275! I really want the sugar canister only but you had to buy the set. Anyone know what font that is? I love it :)

Vintage hair setters
I love vitnage ads like this! I'm not sure if these setters still work or not but it would make a lovely display piece esp. at a hair salon.

Tiny Teddy #634 vintage Fisher Price 1955-57
Vintage Fisher Price Tiny Teddy pull toy from the 50's. When you pull him forward he plays his xylophone. The sound is still excellent! I might go back for this one.

Vintage Stroller
The boy loved this stroller. He said if we have kids he wants them to have a stroller like this.

Emerald/Gold vintage teapot - 1920s
Hall teapot from the 1920s. I LOVE this. It reminds me of my anthropologie cup/saucer set. I didn't buy it but I should have :P It was in great condition, no chips or anything.

Universal Mixer
Sweet mixer! It had the cutest bowl with a recipe for chocolate cake on the side...

Vintage Pyrex style bowls
I don't know if these are Pyrex or not but they were beautiful. I love the graphics...

I love these characters!!
SUPER KAWAII Baby Says See N Say!!! Too bad it was broken :( Anyone know what year this is from? I'm thinking 80's?

♥ ♥ ♥

6 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

i want the teapot and mixer!! right now!!!

ren said...

ok, i love a good font search. looks to me like those are hand done, but there is a font on called betty noir that is SIMILAR (not the same, sorry)

there is are also several fonts here that get the same feel:

close but not quite, eh? ah well. i'll keep looking.

Mellz said...

thanks ren! those are awesome :D i'm glad someone likes font searches because everytime i try i end up with a headache LOL. there are so many out there!

sarahe -- i realllly thinking I'm going back for both. i hope they're still there!

rudoo said...

I love antique malls too! It is too funny how you call him "the boy" :-)

Mellz said...

lol it's short for the boyfriend...i wouldn't want anyone to think i'm demeaning him haha ;)

April said...

Oh BoJo's, we haven't gone in forever (got sidetracked by estate sales) I think you could spend days in that joint, so.much.stuff. That's a great pitcher, it's got a nice shape.