Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fashion Inspiration: Celebrity Style Dressed Down

Right now I'm kind of at a stand still with my own personal style. T-shirt and jeans mostly...but not even a cute tshirt and jeans...more like an old tshirt and the same jeans i've had for a while. I do have some cute clothing in my closet but I never wear it. One reason is because I've gained weight and I don't feel cute and two because I don't go anywhere that requires looking super cute. I've also gotten into the comfort over style rut, BOO! I need to find a way to be comfortable but still look current and stylish. I also need to accept that just because I'm not a size 0 doesn't mean I can't look good! (and for those who are wondering I wear a XL shirts, size 10 pants right now, but I feel most comfortable at a M or L shirt, and size 6 or 8 pants). So I suppose now I'm on the journey to finding my own personal style...if you're up for the trek, you better wear some comfortable shoes because this is going to be a long one. I'm so far away from the way I want to dress that it's not even funny! BUT, it's never too late to change, right?

Anyway, on to the celebs. I'm not a big celeb stalker when it comes to fashion, but these people have caught my eye on more than one occasion. I love their sense of personal style. They all look very confident in whatever they are wearing and that's attractive to me. I love all of these celebs when they are all glamorized and dressed up, but I love them even more when they are dressed down! I like how they can make simple pieces of clothing look fabulous by adding accessories. I think step one in my journey to finding my own personal style is to figure out how to accessorize the clothing I already have...(click to enlarge any of these pics)

I love, love, love her short hair cut! If I ever straighten my hair again, I will be getting a short cut like this! I hate her hoes in the first pic, but I love her shoes in the second picture. I am a big fan of the striped shirt in the second picture. In these pics, Rihanna has mastered how to look great but also be comfortable. She has a rocker chick edge that I adore.*taking notes* (image credit)

Teyana Taylor
(image credit)

What I like about Teyana is that she is a tomboy and proud of it. I have always been a tomboy at heart...I like loose fitting clothing with that slightly boyish edges sometimes. I do like to be girly at times too so I'm not sure how that's going to factor into my personal style issues. I love hoodies and so does Teyana! I love the ice cream hoodie in the first picture. What attracted me to the second picture is the layers, the color combination (red and grey/silver is hot!), and the way her clothing fits. I love layering clothing and I think it's done well here. I also like her shoes...and her hair is beautiful, curly, and BIG. Love it. (image credit)

SJP and Drew Barrymore
Both of these celebs made the list and I just happened to find a picture of them together. I HATE SJP's outfit in this picture but I love Drew's. I like the fact that the outfit was transformed by adding a scarf and the aviators. It just reinforces that accessories can really make or break and outfit. I love that they are both wearing flip flops. I am a flip flop freak! (image credit)

Sarah Jessica Parker
SJP is know for her award show style, but I like her casual attire as well. I LOVE that she paired one of the plainest outfits ever with some killer shoes and a matching bracelet. That's definitely something I would do. I hate the big ass pink tote bag, but I love everything else. I think SJP's street style should get more credit than it does. (image credit)

Drew Barrymore
I think this is my favorite outfit of the bunch. It's got a rocker edge to it and I love a good rocker chick :) It's definitely tomboyish until you get to the boots. I love the lace up boots although I'm not sure if I'd wear them. I love the scarf and the leather jacket. I really love the pops of color you get from the shirt and sunglasses. Well done Drew! (image credit)

I love this one too! Drew really shares a love for scarves like I do. This skinny scarf with the long fringe is divine!! I used to have one like this but I have no clue where it is now :( I like how she wears a lot of grey and black but mixes pops of color in the outfits. This is another thing I like to do. She looks really comfortable but super cute too. I love the slighly hipster slightly rocker look going on. (image credit)

Here Drew is a bit more fancied up but still casual. I love the all black ensemble. I love leggings as pants but I think my hips are too wide for it. If I wear leggins I will balance it out with a jean skirt or something. I love the bangles she's wearing but I wish that they were a solid color instead of clear. Bright yellow or teal bangles would have been the shit! (image credit)

So, what do most of these photos have in common?

pops of bright color
big handbags
big sunglasses
relaxed fit jeans
grey and black
rocker chick edge
subtle or neutral make-up

Oh Yes. I like all of these things :) I think I am going to start doing WIWT (what i wore today) posts so that I can share my personal style evolution with yall. It's going to be um interesting to say the least haha!

3 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

fun idea! i am also in a style rut, but am trying to dress better. i am also not at a size that i am comfortable with...and the baking doesn't help!

GraphXGrrl said...

I love Rihanna and Drew's styles too! I think I have the same problem sometimes of not feeling cute because I've gained some weight as I've gotten older. Can't stay a teen size forever, though, right? lol

Mellz said...

i hear ya sarahe! i loved fried foods and baked goods *sigh*

graphxgrrl -- i guess you are right, lol. i don't think i'll ever maintain a size 6 again but i'd like to get back down to 8. it's just so hard boo!