Saturday, August 1, 2009

COMING SOON: I ♥ Boston Terrier & Pug Stickers

I hope to have these in the shop by Tuesday, August 4th!

I found a company that sells the paper I need at an affordable price, YAY! (Some of those stores want you to buy mass quantities of adhesive paper and I'm glad I found a company who sells by the sheet! WHOOP!) Now I'm going to start working on a French bulldog and an English bulldog to go along with this line of stickers. I think I will sell the different types individually AND also offer them in a multibreed pack for those who love them all. Eventually I want to have all of my favorite breeds and more represented in the shop. (I ♥ DOGS in case you didn't know ;))

I'll also have more types of cupcakes, cakes, ice cream, and other dessert stickers coming soon. I've also got more charms coming and I'm going to start adding my miniatures to the shop too. Lots of planning, lots of crafting, and lots of late nights ahead. I'm going to be a busy beaver for the next few weeks so please check back often for updates! I hope your Saturday is going better than mine. The landlord came over at 8 am to fix our leaking shower faucet and our cracked toilet tank. It took longer than expected so now everything is pushed back AND it's pouring outside...blah!

4 lovely readers said...:

rudoo said...

Too cute!! Are you going to have a Scotty dog? :-)

Mellz said...

Is that a hint rudoo? hehehe. It's definitely possible! The scotty seems to be really popular lately. I'm seeing them everywhere especially on paper goods.

rudoo said...

I love Scotty dogs. I have a real one. His name is Scottie!!! My daughter named him. She was just playing in my dollhouse and counted 8 Scotty dogs!

GraphXGrrl said...

Now you're going to start getting all the dog requests. lol Chihuahuas & Dachshunds for me!