Sunday, August 2, 2009

Etsy Finds: I ♥ PINK edition

It should be no secret that I heart pink! I'm not necessarily a true girly girl who needs everything in pink, but I like to sprinkle it around the house for a color pick-me-up!

You can find a lot when you type "pink" in an Etsy search. :)

bold and beautiful button bouquet - reallybadkitty

happy birthday! handmade card - tweetbluebirddesigns

Plini Figurines - magicbeanbuyer

Painted Sock Merino/Silk Fashionista Yarn - rlguerri (deer creek artisans)

j'adore paris- boxed set of 10 note cards - milktoasty

0-3 Months Baby Booties with Ankle Strap - handmadebabylove

Ms. Lemon Pocket (apron) - snappyshop

candy cane dachshund pin cushion - rabbitsmoon
amigurumi monkey (millie) - cutedesigns

The crafting talented across this world is just simply amazing to me. With all the wonderful, handmade things on etsy, I don't think I'll ever buy gifts from anywhere else! I've already decided that when Christmas comes, I'm going to give handmade gifts only and all our ornaments for the tree and other decorations will be handmade as well. It sounds daunting (to me anyway) but I really want to make it work, so I better get started on this now, LOL!

♥ all images credited to their respective sites ♥

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sohobutterfly said...

Oh my, the amigurumi monkey is CUTE. And I love the lemon apron. Yumminess!