Saturday, July 4, 2009

Red, White, & Blue...CUPCAKES!

Me and the boy woke up this morning and decided it would be a good idea to eat breakfast at The Blue Plate Cafe to celebrate the 4th and the fact that we haven't eaten out in a week! We did really good sticking to healthier eating, so what would be better than having some down home southern breakfast right? hehehe ;)

It's a cute little place...
Picture 058

The boy had French Toast with lots of butter and syrup!
Picture 062

I had a fried egg sandwich with a side of hash browns. Mmmmm.
Picture 061

They had really cool dog artwork on every wall by Debbie Richards. She does all kinds of portraits. I liked the Pug of course :)
Picture 064

After that we headed on over to my favorite store to pick up the necessary supplies to make festive cupcakes. I decided yesterday that I wanted to make red, white, and blue cupcakes after seeing rainbow cupcakes online. Neither of us are really that patriotic, but it seemed like a fun idea so we went with it.

This is our brand new's so nice and organized inside :D
Picture 066

It's cupcake making time!
Picture 067

We needed white cake mix, red & blue food coloring (The gel kind is great!), and frosting. The Frosting was on sale too, YAY! We already had eggs and oil. We also already had a mini cupcake pan but we needed a regular sized pan so we picked up that and liners too...

Picture 068

I mixed everything up and divided the batter evenly into 3 containers. Then I mixed red food coloring into one and blue into stays white. I used a lot of food coloring for each because I wanted a rich color. I think maybe 1/3 of the tube. (Next time I will use even more because the color didn't come out as rich as i wanted after baking.)

Picture 071

Next, I poured a small amount of blue into all the liners. I used just enough to fully cover the bottom of each cup. Then I shook the pan to make sure the batter spread out evenly. Then I did the same thing with the white and then the red until all the cups were about 2/3 full. Some went a little over but it doesn't really matter. I ran out of red towards the end but I just planned on making the icing on those red so that doesn't really matter either.

Picture 072

They bake for about 20 minutes @ 325. If you do decide to try these out, while you're waiting for them to bake, make the man wash the dishes, ha!
Picture 074

They're done! So YUMMY looking!
Picture 076

Picture 078

Aren't they beautiful inside?
Picture 081

After they cooled, I iced and sprinkled away. They were soooooooo good! I will definitely try this recipe again on different holidays with different colors. It was so fun!

These are the bigger cupcakes....

These are the mini me cupcakes...
I love this picture, LOL! That's her serious begging face. She did get to lick some icing and she got a little cake too ;)
Picture 085


4 lovely readers said...:

apparentlyjessy said...

Hello there! You have a fantastic blog! :)
I love the 4th July cupcakes you made, isn't it fun to have multicoloured batter!
Your puppy dog is SO cute! Ill be coming back to visit again for sure! x

Kim said...

Who could ever resist a face like that! I am definitely going to have to try these out- they look so fun!

April said...

I love Blue Plate we used to go there *every* Saturday morning, but we rotate places now. New Target is very appealing isn't it? Colonial Target is still my closet one though. Cupcakes look great, what a sweet pup too!

Blu said... cute! Makes me want to be in the kitchen....sort of. ;p