Sunday, July 5, 2009

Currently Lusting After: Cuore!

When I come across sites like this one, I really feel like I have been missing out on something so special! What I love about these characters is that creator, Mika Yamamura, gives them all a name and story. For instance, Lola the deaf Boston Terrier is from Boston, Massachusetts, and loves to eat apples! She likes to head-butt house guests in the rump as her way of saying hi, and her favorite saying is, "I can't hear you!". Lola's best friend is Ninja the Boston Terrier . She's so imaginative and creative! Her work is so whimsical and fun. She makes everything from pillows to plushies to stationary to handbags...and almost all items contain one of her special little characters. She even does commissioned work and I can see a Bebe the Boston Terrier pillow in my future ;)

Please visit Cuore on etsy and check out the blog too! Below is my favorite item from her, Fa & La La the Deers. What an adorable pillow!

♥ all images credited to Cuore ♥

2 lovely readers said...:

apparentlyjessy said...

Eeeee! So cute!

Blu said...

LOVE the baby bulldog!