Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My New Year's Resolutions Hopes Revisited

These were my hopes for 2009...since it's midway through the year, I'd like to take a look back and see if I've accomplished anything yet. My comments in red...

Melanye's New Years Resolutions Hopes Revisted
  • Less anger and drama. More love and affection. (I definitely think so. I haven't been anywhere near as angry as I was the end of last year.)
  • Less time watching tv and goofing on the net. More time transforming this house into a home. (BIG FAT NEGATIVE!)
  • Less time being lazy. More time living life. (Well, sort of. ok not really.)
  • Les cancer sticks of death. More exercise and lung capacity. (I definitely have not been smoking as much. I went a good while sober and then had one so I've been having one every few mornings but I can stop again at this point and I probably will soon. oh, what's exercise??)
  • Less imitation. More creativity. (YEP.)
  • Less time ignoring what's important. More time accepting truth and reality. (I've definitely taken steps toward this. Slowly but surely!)
  • Less time letting stupid fuckers take up space in my mind. More time focusing on the cool kids. (I have been doing this a lot...consciously making decisions not to let people bother me so much. It's hard but I have seen progress.)
  • Less hair. Definitely less hair (more um...hair cuts?) Got my hair cut ;) It's growing back now but it's damaged, blah.
  • Less frivolous spending. More meaningful purchases. (No way, jose. lol.)
  • More DIY/homemade projects & crafting. Less unnecessary consumerism! (Yes! I've been making greetings cards and gifts for friends instead of buying them!)
  • Less bitterness. More forgiveness. (Well...)
  • Less fear of the unknown. More telling that fear to shove a pencil up it's ass! (YEAH! I USE EXCLAMATION POINTS WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!)
  • Less apathy. More cake. (in moderation!) (You know it ;)

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