Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Month To Remember: June '09

I think once a month I am going to try and list some of my current favorite things...I don't know why, it just seems like fun to me heh.

  • lifesavers gummi rings
  • neutrogena fresh cooling body mist sunscreen spf45
  • shea butter blended with essential oils of orange, geranium, and grapefruit
  • salt & vinegar chips
  • puppies! they're SO cute!
  • air conditioning (it was HOT today. blech.)
  • Kid Cudi *swoon*
  • cliff bars (especially chocolate chip and crunchy peanut butter flavors)
  • natural, organic products
  • anthropologie (always)
  • the comroderie among certain coworkers of mine :)

2 lovely readers said...:

Blu said...

I love your style, sista!
Hey, did you know that at one time the new target was supposed to have another level with an anthropologie store in it?!? -boo

Mellz said...

omg that sucks!!!! that would have been awesome!