Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm trying to eat better.

I'm embarrassed to say that me and the boy have been eating fast food every evening for like 2 months or something. *shudders* I hate to think about what I've done to my poor insides. McDonald's, Wendy's, Ubee's, Taco Bell, Krystal, Sonic, Church's, Wang's, you name it...we ate it. I feel so heavy and bloated all the time and I am SO sluggish!

So today we went to the grocery store and I picked up some GOOD stuff to eat. Here's the menu for tomorrow:

-1 bowl of Cascadian Farms Organic Healthy Morning Cereal (full of good fiber to keep me going) w/ almond milk (better for me than cow's milk and it's full of vits!)

Snack #1
-1/3 cup of fruit
-1/2 of a Cliff Bar (Cliff bars are SO yummy! By far the best tasting, natural/organic supplement bar out there. With flavors like White Chocolate Macadamia and Carrot Cake, how can you resist?)

-A turkey sandwich w/ eggplant & olive hummus on it
-steamed vegetables
-1 mozzarella string cheese stick

Snack #2
-other 1/2 of cliff bar

-Baked Sole w/ seasonings & olive oil
-toasted bread w/ garlic hummus on it

Instead of soda, I'll be drinking a newfound favorite:

1 splash of ruby red grapefruit juice
1 splash of lime juice
8 oz water
1 packet of stevia
ice (optional)

I mix this in my favorite glass and give it a good stir. It's a refreshing cirtus drink. I suppose it's an aquired taste but I LOVE it! It makes water easier to drink for me...

I'm not going to start counting calories or anything like that but I am going to eat more sensibly. I feel like I can get obsessive with things and I don't want to be counting every calorie or getting all stressed out over how I much I weigh. I just want to get to a point where I'm eating sensibly and exercising every day. If I can get there then I'll be satisfied :)

I really, really feel so much better when I eat right but I am addicted to soda, dairy, fats, carbs, and sugar!! I LOVE junk food! AHHHHHHH it's so hard to resist, lol.

I am going to try and start my moderation phase again...where I can still eat the things I love but in MODERATION. It's a slippery slope but I think if I completely deprive myself I will fall off and binge hard. *sigh*

This whole being healthy thing is a burden *pppbbbth*

I'm also going to start taking my vitamins and fish oil again tomorrow. yay. oh and st john's wart too. The boy calls them his happy pills, lol...

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