Saturday, April 11, 2009

My first miniature creations!

I made a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream icing and an iced lemon poppy seed pound cake. I'm definitely addicted to making miniatures now, lol. (So much so that me and the boy went to 3 different places today looking for tiny plates to put my cakes on.) My goal is to eventually be good enough to sell my miniatures AND to have my own dollhouse bakery. I want a little bakery to display all my goodies. (Yes I am a big kid and what!?)

Everything in the images below is made out of different colors of SculpeyIII polymer clay and TLS which is transparent liquid clay.

After looking at pictures of real cakes, I realized I need a lot more poppy seeds in the cake and they need to be even smaller. But other than that I really like the results. Next on my list: yellow cake w/ chocolate icing, strawberry cake with strawberry icing, lemon meringue pie

1 lovely readers said...:

sohobutterfly said...

So cute! I wish you made them edible, because I'd soooooooo want to eat a whole cake in one bite! Superpowers, y'all! *lol*