Monday, April 6, 2009

Playing hooky.

well not really.

I stayed home from work today. I really haven't been feeling good for the last few days. On Friday @ work, Bowie the french bulldog head butted me not once...but twice! Right in the chin both times. That little sucker has a head made of industrial steel. (Maybe a steel plate from a war injury long ago? I think so.) It was an accident both times but I haven't been feeling right since then. To top it off my tummy has been hurting too. So no work for me today. *faking a sad face while stifling a happy face*

Anyway, the boy is really ticking me off today. On a normal day, I get us both up and leave around 6:30 am (when I'm supposed to be at work by 6:30. I am perpetually late for work *sigh*). Every time I call in, I try to get him up and he either doesn't get up at all (meaning he misses work for the day) or he sleeps for an ungodly amount of time and leaves for work late as hell (I'm talking after noon at least). Fortunately (and unfortunately) we both have jobs where our bosses are too lenient and we take advantage of it...but it's really not as great as one would think. It sets you up to be a slacker...and we were already slackers to begin with soooooo it's really bad now. He left at noon today. I didn't talk to him. He got up at 6:45am to pee and I told him then he needed to stay up and get ready for work. He decided to get back in the bed and said he'd get up at 9am. really boy? REALLY?

But oh well...enough talk about the craziness that is my relationship. On to more positive things! Yesterday I made my first set of miniature food! whoop! I made 5 slices of cake and one brownie. They aren't done yet. I still have to do the icing and touch up the paint but they look decent. I have great respect for mini food artists because it's NOT easy at all! I thought it would be easy but making things that small and finding the right techniques to make the food look real is complicated. It's quite frustrating for a novice like me. I had a freak out moment yesterday (I tend to freak out when stressed) and I was just moping around because the pie I tried to make SUCKED. I was like FORGET ABOUT MAKING TINY FOOD!!!! FOREVERRRRRRRRR!!! But the boy told me to calm down and I did and that's when I decided to make the cakes instead. All was good then...all was good. So my message to all the beginners out there is: Pie should not be the first food you try. Start with something a little easier. *cheese*

In business news, I added more stuff to the shop. The jumbo cherries are my favorite right now. Go getchu some!

well i guess i should go and clean something. maybe.

(ok probably not.)

she wants fish tacos. stat!

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