Sunday, January 4, 2009

I got a hair cut! {1st step towards a kick ass 2009!}

It was too damn, crazy long! It was time and I'm happy with it. I cut it myself and it came out exactly how I wanted it. I'm not bald like I threatened to do a while back but I am thinking I will go shorter. We'll see! For now I'll enjoy this. My head feels so much literally was like weight off my shoulder. The boy patted my head last night and goes, "there's less of it"...*chuckle*

Since my texture is tightly curled (or coily as I like to call it) I stretched it out so you can see how long it was before the cut. (excuse how greasy and crazy I look in this picture. I was covered it conditioner and olive oil, lol. BTW conditioner and olive oil is a great deep treatment for dry or coarse highly textured hair)


(the coily before doesn't look much different than the new hair cut but trust me there's a lot more bulk there)


I cut about 2-3 inches or more off of the top and back and left the front a little longer so I'd have a little versatility. It's kind of Side Show Bobish, but I LOVE his hair so I'm good, lol...

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