Saturday, January 3, 2009

Currently Lusting After: Pimp ass scissors, yo.

If these Stork style embroidery scissors magically arrived at my doorstep, I'd do naked cartwheels down the street!! (Now why couldn't I have seen these before Christmas?? They would have been on my list. Well there's always Valentine's Day right? *nudges the boy*...ooh and there's always kindness from internet strangers, right? *nudges any internetters who have nothing better to spend their money on and would love to send these to me* hehehhehe.)

The ones on the left are forged by Wasa in Germany. They come in different lengths and everything *swoon* I'll take all they have, stat! They are pretty expensive but I found some cheaper ones that are just as cute on amazon...

I think teapots and scissors are my new thing. krickey.

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