Thursday, January 8, 2009

Doggie Love: Boston Terrier World Domination

cb2, I love you! In their new catalog they feature a cute Boston Terrier on super stylish bedding! What more could you ask for!? (well I guess I could ask for the boy in nothing but his sexy boxers on in that bed, feeding me chocolate covered strawberries and offering copious amounts of champagne too, hee!)

AND I was reading posts on WOOF today and I found out that McDonald's will be carrying toys from the new movie Hotel for Dogs. Lookie!

I want one!!!

All this Boston love going around warms my heart! Truth be told, me and the boy are thinking about adopting another dog soon and on our "list of potentials" there is a red & white Boston boy who needs a home...turns out he was too "rambunctious" for his previous owner and their 1 year old child. meh. (I don't want to sound mean at all because I don't know the exact situation but why would you get a Boston if you couldn't handle a rambunctious dog? They are high energy dogs and anyone who did their research would know that! People just baffle me sometimes...especially when you work with dogs like I do. People come up with the craziest reasons for giving their dogs up and it's sad and frustrating...BUT, thanks to people who get involved in rescue, a lot of these dogs are finding their way to loving forever homes! *hops off soapbox before I get too huffy in here* that's another post for another day!)

Anyway, since my landlord is acting like she's okay with us having another dog, I'm excited to really start looking. Looks like there's going to be a lot of late night Petfinder sessions coming soon!

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