Thursday, December 4, 2008

Being sick sucks monkey balls

The boy got sick. He gave me the sick. Now we share stories about greenish-yellow snot and sore throats.
When I woke up this morning I felt like I was in an alternate universe. I didn't go to work. Although if I had gone and made certain people sick, it would have pleased me. Yes I am that evil sometimes...

hehe, just kidding....not really.

Even though I stayed in bed most of the day, all was not wasted. I finished up some online Christmas shopping. A few more trinkets and I'll be done with shopping. Everything I already have is wrapped. This weekend we'll get our tree and decorate. YAY! Of course pics will be posted. The anticipation is killing you, right? RIGHT!

But back to the sickness...right now I am feeling a little better, less throats is not as sore but I still sound like my nostrils are pinched when I talk. I'm not coughing up stuff anymore so hopefully this bug is on its way out. My great friend made me ginger tea and it has really helped (and it tastes so good too!) I took some elixir last night and I'll drink a Theraflu before bed. I'm praying that tomorrow will be the last day of this pestilence because tomorrow is a special day! The boy's birthday is tomorrow! *sound the trumpets* Even if we're still sick, we'll be carrying on with the plans...BBQ & cupcakes. It's what he wants and I aim to please sometimes.We'll be going to the Barbeque Shop and Muddy's Bake Shop. YUM. I can't wait to stuff myself.

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