Sunday, November 30, 2008


I went to Michael's for one thing - a paint roller. I came back with mucho shit because their sales were CRAZY good. I didn't intend to buy so much but you can't beat half off with a stick. I got a bunch of frames for CHEAP, woo hoo! The smaller ones were 2/$5, the medium sized one was 50% off and the large one was %40 off and the bigger ones are already matted too. I have been looking for frames for our bedroom because I want to put pics of us and Bebe up. Now I'll actually have the motivation to do it because I these awesome frames. Kudos to you Michael's for having such a loverly sale.

I will probably end up spray painting the black frame off white, but I like the silver frames like they are. I also got some really pretty wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and some other Christmas decor type stuff. Most of it was %50 off. I got the cutest little snowman thingie for our door. Once the tree and everything is up I'll post pics. I'm really going to get into Christmas because it's my favorite holiday. I love it because everything is happy, sparkly, and shiny. I especially like shiny things :)

p.s. Oh yeah, I did get the paint roller *giggle* It was one of the few things I bought that wasn't on sale...of course. Rubber cement was also not on sale. *groan*

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